Pro Options are a new broker, operated by GameTech UK Ltd based in London. The firm is regulated by the UK Gambling Commission.

What makes Pro Options unique, is that they operate a ‘mobile only’ platform at present. This means they focussed entirely on providing a crisp, responsive trading application. Generally brokers operate a website and develop a trading app afterwards. Pro Options have done things the other way around and put all their time and effort into a mobile app.

As a new broker, our ranking does not yet include trader feedback. As such, we have yet to provide a fully endorsed ranking for them.

  • Demo Account – No (But planned for the near future)
  • Minimum Deposit – £10
  • Minimum trade – £1
  • Signals service – No.
  • Bonus details – 100%
  • Mobile App – Yes



Platform Features

As a ‘mobile only’ platform, the Pro Options layout is kept very simple. The first screen traders see is their list of favourite assets to trade. From here, a single click will take traders into their desired asset and they can begin trading. The asset list can be amended easily by adding or removing assets via the ‘+’ button.

This home screen also includes the account functions, so traders can see open or settled trades, and access all relevant account details, plus the deposit and withdrawal screens.

Once an asset has been selected, traders will see the asset price graph (based on the time frame selected) and the trade buttons. Traders can configure ‘Quick Bet’ options to ensure the investment and time frame are always set to the preferred settings. These can be amended when required, but are a quick way to speed up the trading process.

The time frame can be amended easily via the arrows on either side of the current expiry. Just below this are the trade buttons. They are nice and large, making trading easy, even on smaller screens. From here the size of trade can be confirmed and the deal opened. A confirmation screen will appear, clarifying the details of the position, and an indicator will appear on the price graph, denoting the strike price, and the direction selected.

As the trade closes, the result will be briefly displayed and the account balance (in the bottom right) will be refreshed. Settled trades can be found via the appropriate menu from the home screen.

The trading experience is slick, with minimum fuss.

Trading choice

As a new brand, the Pro Options trading choice is restricted. This may grow in future, but at present, is a limitation.

They offer one kinds of option:

Binary Options – The basic binary option. Will the asset rise in value, or fall? These have expiry times that vary from 10 seconds to 5 minutes.

The asset list includes commodities, forex, stock and Indexes – but the lists could be longer. These will doubtless be added to as the company develops. They also offer virtual markets, such as the Pro100 – which is available to trade around the clock.


As a mobile only operator, ProOptions deliver a great application.

The iOS compatible app is at version 1.0.4, last updated in March. It requires v8.0 of iOS and is compatible across all Apple devices.

The android version requires 4.1 or later of the operating system. It was also updated in March, to version 1.0.4

Both versions of the mobile app have been released too recently for there to be any meaningful user reviews at present.




Payouts at ProOption are a clear strength. The most traded assets see payouts of around 95%. As ever, the payouts will vary based on expiry times and the asset selected. Some assets reach levels of 97%.

Withdrawal and deposit options

Deposits can be made via credit card (VISA, Mastercard or maestro). Withdrawals will need to be returned via the same method.

ProOptions are keen to stress their focus on quick deposits and withdrawals. Often a cause for disputes between broker and trader, ProOptions are aiming to be leaders in transparency in this area. There are zero transaction fees at any point.

As a mobile only brand, ProOptions do not provide as many ways of making deposits and withdrawals as some other firms. The process is however, very quick, and protected by the UK gambling commission.

Other Features

ProOptions offer their clients a range of other features and benefits:

  • Ongoing innovation – As a dedicated mobile app provider, backed by gaming giant gametech, ProOptions plan to stay ahead of the competition through constant improvements and new ideas.
  • Low Deposit and trade requirements – Trade from just £1, with just a £10 opening deposit.